Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

STS-125 Payload Crew Equipment Interface Test

Space Shuttle Minute, 9/17/2008

STS-125 Atlantis Mated to ET/SRB Stack

STS-125 Hubble Camera Preparations

Endeavour Engine Gimbal Tests

Endeavour Wing Flap Test

STS-61 Launch

BBC Report on STS-61 HST Servicing

Fixing Hubble's Vision

STS-61 with narration (First HST Servicing)

STS-58 with narration

STS-51 with narration

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thor/Agena Structural Failure, c. 1966-1968

STS-49 with narration

STS-49 Launch

STS-49 Endeavour Flight Readiness Firing

STS-45 with narration

Clips of Orbis Earthball on STS-45

Amateur Video of STS-45 Launch

Amateur Video of STS-42 Launch

STS-42 with narration

STS-44 with narration

STS-44 Launch

GSFC video on UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite)

STS-48 with narration

STS-43 with narration

STS-43 Launch

STS-40 with narration

Thursday, September 4, 2008

STS-39 with narration

STS-37 with Narration

STS-35 with Narration

STS-38 (no sound)

JPL: Sun Sets on Solar Mission

ESA: The Ulysses Legacy

STS-41 Ulysses Deployment

STS-41 Launch

STS-41 with Narration

STS-31 Viewing Lightning from Orbit, Some Laughs Over Window Reflections

STS-31 Footage

ESA Hubble 15 Year Anniversary Documentary

(Thanks to cronoslogic)

Excerpt, "When We Left Earth - Hubble Deployment"

Video here.
No embedding :(

Short Clips from Hubble 15-Year Anniversary Symposium

STS-31 Landing

STS-31 Launch

STS-31 with Narration